soup of the day

Monday to thursday. Different fresh soup made every day.
Small $6.23 /medium $7.27 /large $9.35

Beef Rib Soup/$18.71

Soup made with potatoes, beef rib and a hint of cilantro and scallions. Served with white rice.

Sancocho de gallina/$18.71

Colombian soup made with hen, white potatoes, yucca, plantains, corn, and a hunt of cilantro.
served with white rice and salad

Ajiaco chicken soup/$18.71

Chicken, potatoes, corn, and guasca herbs. may be garnished with cream and capers.
served with white rice, small white corn cake, and avocado.


Soup made with belly tripe, pork pieces, white and yellow potatoes, pork belly tripe, yucca and vegetables.