Calentado Paisa $11.43

Mix of white rice, red beans, and pieces of pork belly served with colombian arepa and cheese.

con carne//with steak/$13.51
con huevos // with eggs / $12.47
con carne y huevos // with eggs and steak / $16.63

Huevos y arepa con queso $10.39

Eggs (scrambled, fried, or scrambled with onions and tomatoes) served cith colombian arepa and cheese

Venezuelan Desayuno criollo $17.67

Two fried eggs served with shredded beef, venezuelan arepa, black beans and cheese

Omelet americano $10.39

3 Mixed eggs with choice of cheese, ham or bacon and two toasted bread

American breakfast $14.55

Two eggs, your choice of bacon or ham. served with a small bowl of fruit and toasted bread.

Avocado toast $10.39

Toasted bread, topped with fresh guacamole served with two fried eggs.

breakfast burrito $11.43

Scrambled eggs, served with pico de gallo and sour cream ham or bacon/ $10.99
chicken / $12.99

colombian tamal $14.55

Hot tamale filled with chicken, pork, beef potatoes, carrots, and peas wrapped in banana leaf. arepa con queso + $2.00 extra

arepa de choclo con queso $5.19

Sweet corn cake topped with butter and cheese

Arepa blanca con queso $4.68

Corn cake topped with butter and cheese

cachapa con queso $10.39

Sweet corn cake topped with butter and cheese

Buñuelo $1.86

pan DE BONO $1.76

Pan con queso  $4.68